Web strategy


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A strategic web direction for an organization is called as web strategy. A web strategy outlines the most beneficial positioning for the company on the web, the experience it should create for its customers, the way it should engage the prospect and existing clients, the brand image it should project, partners, and suppliers, the way it should convert traffic to sales.

The web is evolving into so many directions hard to keep track of, a profession - the web strategist - is emerging. A web strategist is a professional with a business and marketing acumen, knowledgeable about the web technologies and trends, brand experience creation online, web design and technical solutions.

A Web strategy which works with your business strategy to create a website that meets your business goals is called a good strategy. Once you've started building a Web presence, you want to think about how your website can improve your business. Strategy includes community, personalization, your content, ecommerce, even your intranets.The objective of such professional is to guide the organization towards performance and success online and oversee the successful performance of the organization's web team.